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Saturday, October 3, 2009

شيماء سبت

7ala my dears,

How u doing , inshalla 5ir all things r all right with u . For my last few days i'm getting moody , but that's not keeping me away from blogging and enjoying reading ur posts. 

Anyway today i will present u my favorite arabic 5aleeji actress , her name is Shaima Sabt from Bahrain , an excellent actress with a good background  ( she got 3 degrees - engineering, media and bio-psychology ) and very skilled in playing the roles of movies she got.
She's young ( closer to my age) and she has been actress for the past 20 years, but only in the last 10 years she became known in all Arabic Gulf countries.
I love her,  i love her big beautiful eyes,  i love her beauty and personality ! 
She's not yet married , but i wish for her to get a good husband and to have a blessed marriage life as carrier as well . I mention this becoz i know this is one of her wishes to get a joyful marriage life :)

Now i leave u enjoying the pictures

Here she's wearing contact lenses - beautiful eyes  isn't it ?

Now get back to normal :) natural beauty he he

And first picture in abaya and shayla , mashalla   ... she just looks great !


Jaz said...

She is very pretty mashallah! A lot of make up I bet she doesn't need, but that's the fashion! And 3 degrees, wow she is very smart.

uae fan said...

You are right sister, she is beautiful.I like her features like a real arab :)

Sara said...

mashallah shes gorgeous sis. That reminds me i will do a post on my favourite arabic actress!

Skye said...

masha'allah she is veryyy pretty i like her blue contacts

bluemoon said...

I wanna say first that your site is so wonderful,my compliments and i like Haifa Wehbe,she is so beautiful,so was Suzan Tamim i liked her to.
My friend he is from Marroc,so i respect what's on your site.

My regards,

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