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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


See those brilliant clutches

Do u like clutches ? 
I do like it a lot , but to be honest i prefer daily to wear the regular bags , coz i got a lot of space while taking with me all my "make up store" and other stuffs with me he he 
I feel clutches r more sophisticated  and  require an elegant dress , especially evening time. 
Is it going well with balck abaya as well ... let's not forget that  balck is always a perfect color for evening events.


Sara said...

mashalllahhhh 7abibty there so beautiful but i prefer bag as well as i need to fit everything i have in there loool! Nice cluthes.

The reverts secret said...

i love but wonder if i put them dowm would i pick it up again lol!!!

Ana Cristina said...

I love your clutches, is so great, my bags is design and creat for me, and the embroidery is all hand made, congratulatios for your blog, i coming soon to visit you.

KINHA said...

Hi, my friend!
I loved those. Nice, fantastics.I normaly buy clutches at any meeting offers.Last week,I bought one to my son´s wedding, next November.

Princess said...

I luv clutches for going out to special occasions, otherwise I prefer to carry my mini house, I mean, my purse :P

Skye said...

0o0o0o masha'allah soo beautiful this will look very nice for a special occasion..

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