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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where to go?

U wanna travel this year and see different things? Or u wanna take advantage of  the  Festivals kept in Golf region? 
Here is a quick tip for ur trip, if u would love to remain with Arabian Memories. Please excuse me if i might omit  some of the festivals or events, u may come along with an additional comment if u have any completion.
In those Festivals u may find camel racing, dancing, poetry recital, henna paiting hand and feets and that's only little from the things u will find out there at the place.

If u r in Oman u will find the Muscat Festival held annually January - February. Traditional craft making, moneymaking, merrymaking, dancers, egiptian kaftan sellers and clowns from East Europe r present at the Festival.
Kareef Festival is it aslo held in Oman, Salalah from July to August.A colourful celebration of cultural events including traditional music, concerts and dance performances, visitors will equally enjoy the bustle amid incense burners, exotic Omani jewellery, Bedu crafts and frankincense at the Festival’s Golden Village.

In Saudi Arabia ,outside of Riyadh in February - March  is it held Jenadriyah  Festival , embracing all aspects of Saudi Arabia traditions and cultures.

The Hala Shoping Festival in Kuwait the tird week of February - cultural festivals, shopping carnivals, visit tourist spots, and win prizes at the many raffles and contests held during the time period.

Dubai International Film Festival in UAE  is it held in December, each year.
Dubai Shopping Festival in UAE usually held between December - February i guess anyone has heard about it, so no need the presentation :)
Dubai Summer Surprises Festival is it exclusively for childrens held in UAE yearly between June - August.

Bahrain International Music Festival is in November held  in Bahrain. I have to mention Formula 1Grand Prix Festival for those fascinated of sports and speed.

The Qatar Summer Wonders Festival of Fun is held in Qatar annually in the period June - August.  This popular event features local and international music, dance and circus performances, as well as parades, fireworks and educational activities. 


Anonymous said...

We are inshallah planning to do a stop-over in Dubai in mid January so that I can get to experience the DSF. Please let me know where I could find great deals in mostly Jalabiyas, long coloured shaylas and bukhoor/oud,long sleeved stylish tops and long skirts. I prefer the wooden/stick ones(oud) that have no artificial perfumes added but just the natural ones that when you burn them, they give out the beautiful scent. Am a bargain shopper so I do love souk shopping ;)) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shukran sf

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

All of the things u enumerated me up, u will find at Global Village which is the main point of DSF.
U said u r a bargain shopper ,so this location will be the place where u will be happy with it ;)
Take full advantage while u r in Dubai !

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot!! Last time I was in Dubai was during Ramadhan of 2003 so things were not really cheaper as everyone was expecting some business from people shopping for ramadhan/eid ;)
This time inshallah I do hope I get to score some deals. Am so happy and inshallah Allah makes our trip happen. Sf

Anii-Star said...

oh wow i didnt know that !
Jazakallah for the info :)

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