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Saturday, October 24, 2009

What is 'abaya and jalabiyah?

Someone has asked me about 'abaya. She may find difficult to understand the meaning of 'abaya and she's very curious about this item.
Well in response to u , dear " Simmi" i will make a little brief about 'abaya for the purpose in understanding our traditions better.

Well   "What is 'abaya?"
Wearing an "abaya" and covering hair denotes that a woman is Mulsim.
“Abaya”, “Swaieyah”, or “Daffa” as it is called in the Gulf is a black over garment worn by many women in the Islamic world. Although it is not obligatory for women to wear 'Abaya's in most Gulf countries, it is still a traditional costume that most women consider a vital piece in their closets. 
An essential staple to complete many Khaleeji Women’s daily wardrobe, 'Abaya's  r  no longer a plain black material that one would merely drape over one’s body as it used to be in the past.

'Abaya's, nowadays come in many styles, cuts, fabrics, and colors complimenting what’s currently in style on international runways. 
Some are hand painted, some are heavily embroidered, and many come in limited edition styles- to ensure that u stand out from the masses wearing 'Abaya on the street and give u a unique flare.

What is Jalabiyah?

The "Jalabeyah" "Jalabiyah" or "dara’a", also known as " kaftan" , is the Gulf woman’s traditional attire. 
Even though the jalabeyah today is mostly worn as an indoors, from house to house, type of clothing, women still make much of the process of choosing or ordering this garment.It’s been influenced by Moroccan kaftans, Indian saris, and Japanese kimonos and much more.
It is coming in different colors, material texture and lots of applications on it ( as u see in the photo).

I have choose to show u fuchsia jalabeyah, coz is one of my favorite colors :)
With the hope my post made a light to ur curiosity inshalla !


Anonymous said...

if i paid you could u get me a few abaya which i cant find here in my country, i will show you a picture, if you please can give ma a contact so i can contact you personel

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Where r u from? Just click on "Contact me" I will try inshalla,but meanwhile u can check with our sister De'AbaYisH -
http://abayish.blogspot.com/ frm abu dhabi she just started her own khaeeji abaya shop online.

Princess said...

Masha'Allah sis you always show such nice things! Luv all of them as usual! <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always. Am not a big fan of pinks/fuschia colours though i love the one in turquoise and pink. I love those styles. Here people bring some for sale though not the ones that I would love and at really steep prices :O
Am hoping when i come inshallah during the mahrajan '10 I can get atleast 2 nice ones which I can wear to nikah/weddings here in Canada. sf

Anii-Star said...

omg omg omg i want the last oneeeee
sister i dont wear jilbab yet but i am thinking to next year when i join college because i am in high school and we have to wear the school uniform but in college i may wear what i wish :)

when i go out with friends or family i always wear modest with full selves and baggy clothing

Imojen said...

Assalaam 3alaykum where is the last one from? Is it available to buy... im in love with it!

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