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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jewelries by Sheikha Fatima Al Qassimi

I saw this ring and i was so curious to know who is the designer behind the beauty of the ring.
Well is it Sheikha Fatima, yes u heard me well ... is it Sheikha Fatima Al Qassimi , the granddaughter of the Ruler of Ras AlKhaimah, she is one of the most influential jewelry designers in the Gulf region.

For her jewelry collections, she uses pearls from the First Pearls cultivating farm in the Gulf and Middle East, in Ras Al Khaimah. 
She makes sure to use pearls of the highest standard, as graded by labs from Japan and Switzerland.
Her elegant and feminine designs can be found at her shop in Wafi. The name of her shop, Duwan, derives from the word "dana", the biggest pearl in size and value.

To view Sheikha designs , visit her personal site 



Skye said...

masha'allah i lovee those rings, i wonder can u write 'skye' in arabic? they look very nice

malizea said...

How many email have I send to her to know if it's possible to be delivered in france but no answer :-(( her art is just amazing so feminin! I love ittt!

♥ Arab Mania ♥ said...

Of course my dear Skye, u can write any name with arabic letters.
Malizea really ? maybe u need to call them in order to get an answer ?!?

uae fan said...

that is very pretty, but i guess not my taste :)
i like big rings and no pearl stone, but definitely is it other girls style !

Princess said...

Oh wow, you have NO idea how LONG I have been searching for this ring!! Thank you soooo much for this post!! :D <3 <3

Sara said...

wow very very beautiful mashallah. Miss you lots sister! I currently dont have the internet i have to use the internet cafe. Keep posting I love it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful but too big for my taste. I totally love pearls, its quite costly here though I hear its much affordable in the middle east(Dubai etc).Am saving some money to see if I can get a ring with a pearl or two ;) sf

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