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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bridal dress hijabi

Here are some type of bridal dresses for Muhaajaba's fully covered.

I love so much this dress . 
But don't worry that can be hijabified by wearing a white bolero or just a white top under it  to cover up ur shoulders and by putting a nice swarovski shayla to cover up ur hair.

Thanks God my marriage was already done  and  i can say i'm not the lucky one to wear this beautiful dress. 


Princess said...

Masha'Allah, these dresses are so beautiful! I especially love the last one for the females only portion of a wedding.

Sara said...

beautiful 10/10 for ur taste sis mashallah u should be a stylist... to7fahhh..... i love the last 1 it reminds me of haifa wehbe for some reason....

Anii-Star said...

Wow wow wow love them all :D
I loveeeeeeee arab culture so much !
Really think its amazing :)

Photographer-Anairda said...

The dresses are beautiful, and especially decent, showing the soul of the woman, not the body. I believe that is nice.

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